Hot out the ovens

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Eat bread without feeling guilty!

We’re a bakery – we love bread! The smell, the texture and the taste, the feel when we’re working with it. Speaking to our customers every day at markets and deliveries, clearly we’re not alone – we see how people’s eyes light up when they talk about our bread, quite...

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Is our bread vegan?

A recent survey has found that more people are becoming vegan in the UK, so it's no wonder that we're being asked this question more and more frequently. Naturally vegan We are an artisan wholesale bakery in Somerset and were established over 70...

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Market treats for mum

As mother's day approaches you may be wondering how to spoil your mum without breaking the bank.  All the restaurants get booked up and charge the earth but you want to do something special to show your appreciation. We can help! Taylors of...

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Quick guide to bread flours

Here at Taylors of Bruton, we bake a large variety of artisan bread on a daily basis and by hand for the wholesale market and for farmers markets in Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire in the UK.  Our bakers are passionate about bread and certainly know everything about...

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