We’re all pretty busy these days so when it comes to planning a barbecue or picnic a little help can be very welcome!  So to save you some time I’ve put together shopping lists for 6 – I figured that 6 was a good number for your average gathering but of course you can adjust to your numbers.  I have also allowed for big appetites so if you’re catering for kiddies or smaller appetites you may want to reduce the portions.

Simple food, local food

I am not a gourmet chef – this is simple fayre with minimal fuss.  I would recommend buying local as the quality is generally better so you don’t have to worry about being clever with marinades and dressings – the natural flavour of the local produce will be enough.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Somerset, Dorset or Wiltshire you can pick up some of our Taylors of Bruton baked things to help you along!  Check out where we sell to see if you have a market or shop nearby.   I’ve highlighted the products below that we can supply.

If you have vegetarians in your party – no problem!  I’ve included some easy alternatives next to the meat.

Summer BBQ shopping list for 6

6 x beef/veggie burgers

6 x burger baps 

6 x pork/veggie sausages

6 x finger rolls

12 x chicken wings/pack of halloumi (works on the grill)

Burger extras:

    • 6 x cheese slices
    • 1  x red onion for slices
    • 1 x iceberg lettuce
    • 1 x beef tomato
    • ketchup
    • mayo

1 x 600g pack of Coleslaw

6 x potatoes for baking

1 x bag of salad

1 x salad dressing

1 x rosemary and sea salt focaccia

6 x chocolate brownies

1 x 1.8 ltr tub vanilla ice cream

Grab-n-go summer picnic


The summer can be a hectic time especially when you’ve got kids in tow.  I’ve made the mistake in the past of going fancy and elaborate with my picnics and the result is me being extra stressed and the kids not eating what I made (making me even more stressed and short-tempered!).  So I have come to the happy conclusion that simple and local is best.  I head to my local shops (in Bruton) or market (in Castle Cary) and grab some things that I can just throw in a bag and go.  It means I can do everything on the morning of the picnic so that everything is fresh and tasty.  As before – I have highlighted the items you can pick up from Taylors of Bruton and this list is designed for feeding 6.

2 x large focaccia slices (how about a selection of flavours such as our Rosemary and Seasalt or our Olive and Garlic?)

Selection of cheeses (ready sliced is good but if not – just pack a knife and a chopping board)

6 x fresh bread rolls (we can do white, brown, malted wheat or seeded)

12 slices of cured meats (or hard-boiled eggs for veggies)

Bag of salad

Salad dressing

Jar of chutney

Bag of mixed nuts

Large bag of crisps

2 x punnets of strawberries

6 x flapjacks

Hope this helps you have a happy and stress-free summer!