Who says that winter is all doom and gloom?  As we head into Autumn there is a new lease of life here in the bakery as we look forward to some of our favourite seasonal specialities.  Last week, three of our delicious products made a comeback and we know that you will love them as much as we do.  All our products are available at market or wholesale – and if you take a look at the market and retailers map you will see which local village shops and farm stores stock Taylors (but please ring them up and check first if you have any specific requests).

Date and Walnut Bread

Available till Christmas, this is a firm favourite and a regular seasonal addition.  When you’re hunkering down as the nights draw in, what better than a comforting slice of rustic bread and cheese?  The walnuts and dates dotted generously throughout this pretty loaf bring it to a new level.  Also great for gatherings as it looks so attractive with its plaited design on the table.

Why not pair with one of our local cheeses, all made within 7 miles of our bakery: Westcombe, Godminster, Wyke, Barber’s or Longman’s,

Malt Loaf

It’s traditional and why mess with a loaf that’s stood the test of time?  Comfort food but not junk food, it’s sticky and juicy and oh so yummy.  Full of sultanas, brown sugar and of course, the malted grain that makes this loaf so distinctive and unique in flavour.  We are often asked what malt is.  Malting is a process where the barley grain is sprouted then halted at a crucial point where starches are turned to specific sugars that have the ‘malty’ taste.

Goat Cheese and Red Onion Focaccia

Focaccia has to be the bread of the moment and rightly so.  It may be from Italy originally but we love to put our own Somerset spin on it.  We cycle our flavours to suit the season and our Autumnal hero is the winning combination of goat cheese and red onion.  The goat cheese is from local cheesemakers Longman’s.  Moist from the olive oil and with a light airy crumb, give our delicious focaccia a try.  You won’t be disappointed!

All our tasty bread and treats are available to buy wholesale and at farmers markets and retail sites.